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*** Special event ***
The 3 Hours of Phoenix
Team Endurance Race



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2011 2010

Results 3HoP

2 0 1 1

Since there would be fewer cars on track than a normal race, we decided last minute to build a smaller layout than the epic Oschersleben! Didn't realize it at the time, but we made the same layout as last year. The YBSlow team set fast lap again this year, but fell 0.176sec behind their 2010 record of 9.109.

Ironically the Underdogs fell back early from the exact same problem that struck them last year. That little quick-release ribbon meant to make pit stops fast got hung up over a terminal causing the car to sit idle on track. Ouch.

The lead swapped numerous times between YBSlow and Hood's Hobbies as pit strategies played out, and after three hours of hard charging, the margin of victory was a scant five laps.

This year's winning 968 laps were 29 fewer than last year's, but that was likely the effect of the newly introduced night stage. With the projector screen and wall lighting its more of a dusk stage, but that still makes it significantly more challenging!

A little glitch in saving the lap data meant I am unable to correctly report the pit stops, but they were many. So below are listed the tire change stops, and this thing did burn through the tires.

This annual challenge is a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone for participating.

3 HoP Endurance Race 2011
Place Drivers Team Grid Laps Time Tire Chg
Hour 1
Hour 2
Hour 3
Fast Lap
1st Brad
1 968 3:00:09 2 10 10 21 42 9.285
2nd Hood
Hood's Hobbies 2 963 3:00:09 1 7 7 15 29


3rd Dusty
Underdogs 3 912 3:00:00 1 5 5 10 20


3 Hours of Phoenix Championship
3HoP 2011 Champions YBSlow
3HoP Race Winner

Results 3HoP

2 0 1 0

3 hours may sound like a lot, but when you're racing, it goes by fast. YBslow set the fastest time at 9.109. But don't let 5positionsup's 4th place fool you, their fast time was only 0.045sec behind.

There was a lot of smart driving, letting faster cars pass when appropriate and challenging for position when it counted. So happily no DNF's.

There was the occasional technical glitch. The Underdogs went down several laps after their first stop when the car failed to power up. Turned out the battery quick-release ribbon got bunch up over a terminal. There was an extra stop to change tires as well when the fronts were scrubbed so thin they came off.

Careful planning of pit strategy and gear choice paid off for the Hood's team with only 7 stops, including a rear tire change.

After 3 hours and with 2min to go YBslow had retaken the lead with Hood's challenging close behind. It would have been close but in those final minutes YBslow's batteries dumped! Worse still the new set was drained as well requiring more stops! The race was won and lost in the pits.

Thanks to all the drivers that participated, we had a great time this year. Next year: a night stage!

3 HoP Endurance Race 2010
Place Drivers Team Grid Laps Time Stops Fast Lap
1st Hood Hood's Hobbies
4 997 3:00:08.943 7 9.393
2nd Brad YBslow 1 977 3:00:01.652 12


3rd Dusty Underdogs 3 911 3:00:13.395 9


4th Wes 5positionsup 2 861 3:00:11.278 8